Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Food Review - Village View, Bangi

This entry is not only for the food review, this entry also done inconjuction to my better half's birthday celebration we had last night. We chose to go to this place as it was recommended by Mrs Green. For those living in Bangi area, this place is located near Soho and the furniture centre, behind Petronas.

I have pre-ordered earlier just to be sure we don't have to wait for the food. I was also told this place can be quite packed so we better make reservations.

We arrived around 8.30pm and not even after 3 minutes upon our arrival, the food was served. And the food was still hot!
This is what we ordered
Tomyam Campur
Ikan - we ordered 2 type, one is Siakap Masam Pedas and the other one, Kerapu Ladprik
Sayur campur, sotong goreng tepung, paprik campur and telur dadar...of course with sambal belacan.
The cuties simply love this place as it is surrounded by fish pond full of japanese cub(betul ke spelling nie). The view was nice and reflect the name of the place, Village View.

Coincedently, my parents were staying at our house so it's so nice to have them join the celebration.
Now the review :
Taste - 4.5 - one of the best tom yam I have tasted and the fishes were really fresh
Location - 3.5
Service - 4.5 - the staff was polite and was also fast
Price - 3.5 - not bad...

Happy birthday sayang, hope you enjoyed your birthday present and celebration!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Food Review - Impiana KLCC

Last Friday, I had a dinner outing with my Sports team mate, the Kryptonites. This dinner was to celebrate the winning money(though we got 4th place, we still got away with some cash). The kapitan decided to invite just those who have contributed which I felt was a fair reqiuest.
We also invited Ms MC, though she has left the company but when she was still around, she contributed alot for the team. She was also the head cheerleader during her tenure in this company.
I was still on diet so this is the only food I had. Forgot to take photo of the steam vege I had as well.

The hotel was of course decorated in a very Christmasy environment which was predictable. It's the season of the year kan?
The guys enjoying the food. Though we did not win much, but there were not many of us, so we still got to celebrate the money in style
Now the review...
Overall, the food was ok. The choices however, were quite limited compared to other buffet spread in KL. However, I felt it's was worth the price we paid.
So, how many points did they earned?
Taste - 3.5, the laksa, I was told was not that good(tak rasa pun). But the butter prawn was the best!
Location - 3 - ok if you are in the area already, but if you are coming from elsewhere, the traffic may kill you!
Service - 4.5 - excellent service, very satisfied
Price - 3 .5 - for that kind of spread, ok kot?

I am still in the midst of transferring the food review to this blog, hopefully can complete by end of this week...

Have a good Monday everyone!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nine West Warehouse Sale

Hi, first entry for this blog. This blog is still work in progress as I am planning to transfer the food reviews for this blog to here. Apologies on the boring layout and no fancy thingy yet. As mentioned, still work in progress.

First entry is the review of the Nine West Warehouse Sale.

Nine West is one of my favourite brand for shoes. Not so for the handbags though. So, when I got to know there will be a Warehouse Sale for this brand, I was so very excited.

The sale was at Avenue K, the building near KLCC and on top of KLCC LRT station. I went there with Cik Puan Ambang during lunch time yesterday. It was not that crowded and the selection of shoes are not so wide.

But, the prices were really cheap. At the range of 30% to 60% off from the original price. From my observation, the cheapest you shoes you can get is RM99 and the most expensive is at RM350. If you are AMEX or Maybank card holder, you will get an additional of 10% discount.

So, what did I get??

This Enzo sandal. Saw the same one at Isetan 2 months ago and the price was nearly RM400. I got it for RM99.

This black Nine West shoes, the heels are about 2 inches. Very nice and classic. I got it for RM169, original price is about RM349.

Cik Puan Ambang got herself this black Nine West Sandal at RM169, the original price is RM349.

Since Cik Puan Ambang is a Maybank card holder, we enjoyed another 10% discount.

For those who are interested to go, the sale will end on 14 December 2008...

Have fun shopping!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Food Review - Roti Canai Bandar Baru Bangi

Last weekend, we have planned to have breakfast at this place recommended by Ms GTL. She said, during her uni years in UKM, this place was(and still is) very famous among the students. This place is located in Bandar Baru Bangi, near the furniture mall and opposite Esso petrol station. It's right after you enter the Kajang exit along the PLUS highway heading to Bandar Baru Bangi. Quite easy to identify. The place is on a small hill with loads of cars and people.
We arrived around 9.15am and already, there are so many customers. The place was packed and we got the last 2 tables there. Actually, they not only have Roti Canai there, they also have nasi lemak(with lots of choices for the lauk), soto(mee, mee hon, nasi impit), otak2 and tahu bakar. We ordered mostly everything on the menu ; nasi lemak sambal kerang, soto nasi, otak2 and of course nasi roti canai(one each for everyone).

The service was quite efficient. We were attended to immediately after we were seated. The food also arrived not so long after that. Except for the otak2, apparently they forgot about this order.
Now, the review....

Taste - 3 - Ok lah...nothing to shout at, but somehow, I felt all the food were kurang masin, I thought it was me, but my better half and the cuties also felt the same way, healty food kot?Location - 3.5 - convenient for us considering we are now part of Bangi clan, but parking may be a problem cause it's quite limited.
Service - 4- fast even there were many customers around
Price - 4 - cheap, the breakfast for all of us with all the above menu was less than RM20

And look who we bumped into there. Dato' Dr Fadzilah Kamsah. From the way he converse with the shop people, either he is a regular or he is just friendly to everyone whom he just met. He looks older though compared to him in TV.
Last word, be early if you want to eat here. When we arrived, they were already announcing, they don't accept orders for take away. Laku betul kan!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Food Review - Smokehouse Steamboat

I was fasting yesterday, alhamdulilah completed 4 days, 2 more days to go...Sempat ker nie...

My better half was asking me what do I feel like having for Iftar. I was actually exhausted, the LRT gave me a double trouble yesterday, once during my way to work and another time was during on my way back...And on the way back was the worst!!!

So, he suggested, let's go to Smokehouse Steamboat. This will be our second time to the place. The first time was a pleasant experience so we hope the second one will be as pleasant as the first.
I arrived at Kelana Jaya station 10 minutes to 7pm, and iftar time is also 7pm. However, my better half was stuck in traffic so he arrived only at 7.15pm. While waiting for him, I had air kotak for buka puasa. We stopped at a nearby mosque after that for maghrib prayers then headed to Smokehouse place. And alhamdulilah, it did not dissapoint us.

The cuties enjoyed themselves as well especially on the desert, ice cream free flow tu...

Now the review...

Taste - 4 - Love the food there, for the price that we are paying, memang best!!
Location - 4 - easy access since we were in KJ
Service - 4- Friendly and fast
Price - 4 - worth the money..

Urrghhhh kenyang, better solat isya' dulu, ada yg tertidur tak solat nie...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Food Review - Sari Ratu Nasi Padang

I was fasting on Tuesday, and wanted so badly to have Nasi Padang from Sari Ratu. We planned to have this during Ramadhan for buka puasa but the day we made the arrangements, the traffic was so bad and we ended up have the ala Ratu Buka Puasa in the car instead.I have been receiving good reviews from friends who have eaten here so I wanted to give it a try. This particular branch is in Kelana Jaya.

We ordered quite a feast(the cuties did not join us, just me and my better half). We ordered Ayam Pop - short form of Ayam Popular and this came with a special sauce and pucuk ubi rebus, Gulai Tunjang - my better half's favourite, vege, crispy spicy potato and this special dish which came from Indonesia like a mini eel crispy fried and cooked with chilli. Of course, this will not be complete with the sambal merah.
The gulai tunjang, the spine of a cow and my better half's favourite. Not my kind of food so I just had the gravy.
The mini eel crispy fried, recommended as a must try at this place.
Here's the review....
Taste - 2.5 - not too bad, but not to my liking
Location - 3.5 - convinient and parking is very easy
Service - 2 - lembab skit ler
Price - 3.5 - ok, quite affordable

Maybe I'm not so into this Nasi Padang thing...sebab tu ler tak enjoy sangat kot?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Food Review - Grand Bluewave Hotel

If last week, we took my in-laws to have iftar at Katerina Hotel, Batu Pahat, this week it's my parents turn for the iftar session. And again, like previous years we chose Grand Bluewave Shah Alam. Reason to choose this location :
1. During weekend, they offer every paying adult, one child will be free.
2. Senior citizen is charge same rate as children.
3. The location is very suitable, not so far from KJ.

Every year, right before fasting month, the hotel would call us to check whether we are interested to have buffet Ramadhan at their hotel.

Taste - 4 - Love the food there, the buffet spread is really wide, I did not get the chance to taste all, the char kuey teow was marvellous
Location - 4 - about 15 minutes drive from KJ. Parking was very easy.
Service - 4.5 - fast and systematic, very well prepared

Price - 4 - quite high but worth every cent

I know my dad had a good time. Though he is very good at hiding it.

I think we will continue to come here next year, kalau ada rezeki....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Food Review - Bora Ombak

This review is in conjuction with the buka puasa event organised by Jimmy for the division.

The location is chosen based on:

1. Recommendation in the internet
2. We wanted to go out from KLCC
3. But not too far from KLCC

Nevertheless, the traffic was really bad, we arrived at Ampang Point at 5.30pm to do some Raya shopping(shopping lagik!!!) and then left for Bora Ombak at 6.30pm. We arrived there at 6.55pm despite the place is within walking distance from Ampang Point. And the rain makes the jem ever worse. Now, the review :

Ambiance - 4.5 - I love it so much, so cosy though Cik Puan Ambang commented lampu malap sangat so tak puas nak makan...
Taste - 3.5 - ok lah, not bad and first time I had bakso. Pedaslah!
Location - 2.5 - never like this area, possibility of me getting lost is very high
Service - 3 - not so bad, they cleared the table quite fast.
Price - 2 - pricey compared to the spread offered. RM55++, tak berbaloilah.

And we were supposed to present Ms TS birthday, but me, a mangkok person , left the gift on my office table. So, tengokler gambo nyer sini dulu, and lurza will get the gift to you tomorrow.

All and all, we had fun, laughters were non stop. Compensate lah with the not so impressive food.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Food Review - Buffet Ramadhan Katerina Batu Pahat

It has been a tradition for us to bring our parents for buffet Ramadhan during this fasting month. We started this about 4 years ago, considering that we are more financially secure and why not share the wealth with you loved ones.

Last weekend was with my in-laws in Batu Pahat. We brought them to Katerina Hotel(yup, the hotel where the so called ex-minister's hotel happened) since this is the only descent hotel in Batu Pahat.

They were 10 of us ; my mom and dad in-law, Adik, my brother in-law and wifey plus the 5 of us. We had pre-booked this earlier to ensure that there are table for us.

If you noticed, my princess and my baby are now into tying their hair in 2. Ini keje Adik ler nie...

The buffet spread was ok, I guess, worth the price we are paying, RM30++ per head for adult and RM20++ for the cuties. Mana nak dapat this kind of price kat KL ok??
The decorations were really classic. They even have entertainer to sing while we enjoy our meal. But the problem was, that man should be singing Raya song, not the Golden oldies hits from Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, just to name a few....Sometimes it felt like we are in a club...

They even have organised a lucky draw event. And, don't even asked whether did any of us win...Pernah ke we all nie menang lucky draw pun...

So, now, here's the review.

Taste - 3.5 -Not bad, love the spread, really kampung, siap ada ubi goreng and rebus cicah dengan sambal kicap. Of course, the asam pedas was a hit
Location - 3 - ok lah, about 30 minutes drive from the kampung
Service - 4 - excellent service, very customer service oriented
Price - 4 - with that kind of choice, I felt it was worth it...

Nak kena survey tempat lain lah, every year eating here, bosan gak kan....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Food Review - Swensen

Caution : Before you start scrolling down, kindly be warned this entry contained explicit pictures that may harm those who are currently fasting. Sabar yer, buka puasa still remain right after azan magrib, not zuhur.

Yesterday, my better half has a buka puasa function organised by one of his vendors. Though they allowed to bring the family, I declined the invitation, just don't want to be out of place and thinks my better half may want to be with his friends for a change. Sekali sekala takpe lah.......

However, since my better half yang tak boleh takde nasi for buka puasa was not around, I took this opportunity to bring the cuties for iftar where we can enjoy western food. It's been quite sometime since we've been to Swensen, hence Swensen it is @ Subang Parade.
The cuties looking at the menu, figuring out what to order, everything look so delicious. My hero was not feeling well, however, still want to continue with his fasting. He is very determined to puasa penuh this year.

What did we have?

BBQ Chicken Wing
Fried Mushroom

Clam Chowder

Spaghetti Bolognese
Mushroom Chicken Pizza

Chocolate Shake

And the finale, of course Earthquake!!! This is very famous in Swensen, and on Tuesdays, the price is 50% off, cause Tuesday is Earthquake Day!

Now, the review....

Taste - 4
Location - 4 - now strategic but once we moved full time, jauh ler....
Service - 4.5 - service here, memang tip top!
Price - 3 - quite reasonable

We had a great time, but it could have been greater if my better half was there :( hu hu!!!