Sunday, September 28, 2008

Food Review - Bora Ombak

This review is in conjuction with the buka puasa event organised by Jimmy for the division.

The location is chosen based on:

1. Recommendation in the internet
2. We wanted to go out from KLCC
3. But not too far from KLCC

Nevertheless, the traffic was really bad, we arrived at Ampang Point at 5.30pm to do some Raya shopping(shopping lagik!!!) and then left for Bora Ombak at 6.30pm. We arrived there at 6.55pm despite the place is within walking distance from Ampang Point. And the rain makes the jem ever worse. Now, the review :

Ambiance - 4.5 - I love it so much, so cosy though Cik Puan Ambang commented lampu malap sangat so tak puas nak makan...
Taste - 3.5 - ok lah, not bad and first time I had bakso. Pedaslah!
Location - 2.5 - never like this area, possibility of me getting lost is very high
Service - 3 - not so bad, they cleared the table quite fast.
Price - 2 - pricey compared to the spread offered. RM55++, tak berbaloilah.

And we were supposed to present Ms TS birthday, but me, a mangkok person , left the gift on my office table. So, tengokler gambo nyer sini dulu, and lurza will get the gift to you tomorrow.

All and all, we had fun, laughters were non stop. Compensate lah with the not so impressive food.