Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Food Review - Ayam Golek Dara, Nilai

Nope, I have yet to give up on my diet. But, weekend will be the day I will enjoy the good food with my family. However, I still stick to one meal per day thingy. So far, self discipline still is in tact.

We have been wanting to try this place. We heard it from our community forum and they recommended for others to try this place. It's located right after Pekan Nilai, the road leading to Labu. It's about 20 minutes drive from where we live.

This place only opens 4pm onwards. Choices are quite ok, of course the speciality will be the Ayam Golek. This is eaten with Nasi Lemak which by the way is so delicious.

I also had Char Kuey Teow which was also not bad.

The cuties were so excited watching the ayam bergolek. Love to watch them!(the cuties I mean, not the ayam)
Nasi lemak happens to be my hero's favourite, so, he was really enjoying himself with the spicy sambal.

Now the review :
Taste - 4 - My better half is so very fussy plus cerewet ya amat when it comes to food, so seeing him enjoying the food speaks for itself.
Location - 4 - easy access for us, no toll, no traffic jem, just a lot of traffic lights
Service - 4.5 - very efficient and friendly
Price - 4 - very affordable, for food we had, it only cost us RM20.

So, cuba jgn tak cuba!