Thursday, August 28, 2008

Food Review - Traders Hotel

Our division usually have this lunch get together thingy quarterly. We will be celebrating those whose birthday fall during that period as well as new joiner.

This time around, the celebration was held at Traders Hotel.
The choice of food is quite limited compared to other hotels, but not too bad.

Got ice-cream cone nice!!!

Pics were courtesy of Cik Puan Ambang since yours truly forgot to bring the camera along.

The venue was quite convenient for us, we can opt whether to walk or wait for the buggy ride. This time around on the way there, we walked half way and took the buggy and on the way back we walked all the way since we felt we have over eaten, at least I felt that way.

So the review ;
Ambiance - 4
Taste - 3.5
Location - 4
Service - 3
Price - Not applicable

Lunch like this is never a good idea as it will effect the productivity after all the good food....not that I am complaining........

Friday, August 22, 2008

Food Review - Cameron Highland Steamboat

Back to hotel again for maghrib prayers, before heading out again for dinner. During day time, we searched for steamboat, it's difficult to find a halal one here. We imagine how nice it is to have steamboat with the kind of temperature in Cameron. We finally found one a stone throw away from our hotel.
It was nice, RM26 for 2 person which to me looked like food enough for 4 pax! They have 2 type of soup; chicken and tom yam. That suited us very well, some like it hot and some may not...The review.......
Ambiance - 3
Taste - 4
Location - 5
Service - 2(tanya apa, semua tak tau, whatever!)
Price - 4
Steamboat ROCKS!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Food Review - Nik Ikan Bakar Cameron Highlands

Mama, apasal ikan abang tak sampai nie, nasi abang dah nak habis....
Mama, nasi kakak dah habis, mana ikan bawal sweet and sour??
Those were the grouses heard from the cuties. We were starving and wanted to have a good dinner at Brinchang, so we chose this place, Nik Ikan Bakar & Tomyam.

Man, was I dissapointed?

Not only the service was slow, they mixed up our our order by sending our fish to the other table and we had to wait further for them to prepare another one. And muka masing2, like we were there to menyusahkan hidup diaorang.

I was trying to control everyone especially my better half, who is not a very patient man when it comes to food.

On similar note, can some one please please please tell me, why do most(not all) malay business owner, be it food place owner ke, kedai runcit ke, or whatever business have problem to smile and be courteous. Don't they know every person that walks in, is rezeki to them. Tak bersyukur langsung. Macam mana nak tolong orang melayu. If you go to most(again, not all) chinese shop, they will treat you like a king!! That's how it should be....

My review, just as simple as this....avoid this place, even if it's the only place open in this area.
Makan biskut lagi best and tak menyakitkan hati. On top of that mahal giler....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Food Review - SS19 Subang Jaya

Like every other day, I had a late night again on Friday. Too much work, so little little time with the family, Alhamdulilah I managed to make this weekend a work free weekend. I did not bring any work home, like the previous weeks...Sometimes we just have to prioritize kan.....
I called my better half, who promised to come and pick me up that night...I asked him whether it would be ok for him to bring the cuties along when he comes and pick me up, thought of having dinner together.

I was craving for sate but due to health reason, I can't take any meat for a week. We headed to this favourite fast food place at SS19 Subang Jaya. We frequented this place even before I got married.

I had mushroom soup with garlic bread
My hero had sate and nasi goreng - I know I said I wanted sate but it's ok, Iman akak nie kuat ok!My better half, nama pun perut melayu, of course rice with paprik campur and telur dadar
My princess and my baby shared the chicken chop, the portion here is big, makan sorang tak habis.

Our drinks, fruit juices and the rest....
Not forgetting, the ever food review..
Ambiance - 3
Taste - 4
Location - 3
Service - 4 - we're a regular so selalu dapat first class treatment
Price - 4

But the time spent with the cuties....priceless!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Food Review - Bisik-Bisik

During our visit balik kg visit, my better half and I went to this new place at Parit Raja called Bisik-Bisik. The place was very nice and memang easily identified. It's 2 storey high and looks like the rumah2 kg style.
However, the menu has not much choices. Quite limited actually. I saw they had lamb chop in the menu so I went ahead and ordered. Alhamdulilah, I was not dissapointed!

So, here goes for the ratings!

Ambiance - 5 - I love it soooo much, very classic!
Taste - 3.5
Location - 3
Service - 2(we sat on the 2nd floor, susah nak get the attention of the waiter)
Price - 3(for Parit Raja, I guess the price is on the high side)

Next kat mana yer....Tunggu!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Food Review - Tamarind Hills

I was invited to attend a farewell event by one of our consultant who over the period I took care of GREEN, became my friends. And how sad, I have to bid farewell to one of them...Ms Af.
The venue that was chosen was Tamarind Hills near KDE, Ampang. Never been there and I am not familiar with that area at all! Fyi, this place serves Indo-China food.
The place was very cozy and full of trees, so it was pretty refreshing, not to mention cool!

I don't like ordering considering I've never been here, and I am not the one paying so better let the ordering done by the expert.
The appetizer, duck in spoon...complimentary. Since I don't eat duck, I gave this a pass. Lain kali nak bagik benda free, can we have chicken please?

Then followed by this platter consists of all types of snacks - I only took the one in the tomato i.e. with something like chicken curry inside.

Followed by the main courses, we have fish, chicken, beef and soft shell crabs. Not forgetting the vege, asparagus and tom yam.

If we attend an event with Mr Har, speech is a must! This time around, Mrs Green gave one of behalf of me and Mr Creative. Thank God! I think after this long 2 months, I am done with giving speeches!

Lastly, the ratings.......
Ambiance - 4
Taste - 1.5 (no offence, this is just not my kind of food)
Location - 3
Service - 3(though some of the waiter were not able to converse using proper English, they were polite)
Price - from the menu, it was quite ok

Let see where will my next review be.......

Friday, August 1, 2008

Food Review - Prince Hotel

I am going to start this review on food considering that I talk about food most of the time, okaylah, sometimes all the time.

The scoring will be based on the ambiance, taste, location, service and price. The points will be from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best.

We'll start with a food tasting event that we went the other day. It was at Prince Hotel.

We started with the starter...macam pantun lak kan...We had 2 starter pasembor and soto...

Then followed by the main course, with many types of lauk.....

Desert was kuih muih...

We have given our comments to the Chef and this must be taken into consideration during the real dinner...

My ratings

Ambiance - 3

Taste - 2.5

Location - 1.5(horrible parking place)

Service - 3

Price - NA since it was applicable