Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Food Review - Village View, Bangi

This entry is not only for the food review, this entry also done inconjuction to my better half's birthday celebration we had last night. We chose to go to this place as it was recommended by Mrs Green. For those living in Bangi area, this place is located near Soho and the furniture centre, behind Petronas.

I have pre-ordered earlier just to be sure we don't have to wait for the food. I was also told this place can be quite packed so we better make reservations.

We arrived around 8.30pm and not even after 3 minutes upon our arrival, the food was served. And the food was still hot!
This is what we ordered
Tomyam Campur
Ikan - we ordered 2 type, one is Siakap Masam Pedas and the other one, Kerapu Ladprik
Sayur campur, sotong goreng tepung, paprik campur and telur dadar...of course with sambal belacan.
The cuties simply love this place as it is surrounded by fish pond full of japanese cub(betul ke spelling nie). The view was nice and reflect the name of the place, Village View.

Coincedently, my parents were staying at our house so it's so nice to have them join the celebration.
Now the review :
Taste - 4.5 - one of the best tom yam I have tasted and the fishes were really fresh
Location - 3.5
Service - 4.5 - the staff was polite and was also fast
Price - 3.5 - not bad...

Happy birthday sayang, hope you enjoyed your birthday present and celebration!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Food Review - Impiana KLCC

Last Friday, I had a dinner outing with my Sports team mate, the Kryptonites. This dinner was to celebrate the winning money(though we got 4th place, we still got away with some cash). The kapitan decided to invite just those who have contributed which I felt was a fair reqiuest.
We also invited Ms MC, though she has left the company but when she was still around, she contributed alot for the team. She was also the head cheerleader during her tenure in this company.
I was still on diet so this is the only food I had. Forgot to take photo of the steam vege I had as well.

The hotel was of course decorated in a very Christmasy environment which was predictable. It's the season of the year kan?
The guys enjoying the food. Though we did not win much, but there were not many of us, so we still got to celebrate the money in style
Now the review...
Overall, the food was ok. The choices however, were quite limited compared to other buffet spread in KL. However, I felt it's was worth the price we paid.
So, how many points did they earned?
Taste - 3.5, the laksa, I was told was not that good(tak rasa pun). But the butter prawn was the best!
Location - 3 - ok if you are in the area already, but if you are coming from elsewhere, the traffic may kill you!
Service - 4.5 - excellent service, very satisfied
Price - 3 .5 - for that kind of spread, ok kot?

I am still in the midst of transferring the food review to this blog, hopefully can complete by end of this week...

Have a good Monday everyone!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nine West Warehouse Sale

Hi, first entry for this blog. This blog is still work in progress as I am planning to transfer the food reviews for this blog to here. Apologies on the boring layout and no fancy thingy yet. As mentioned, still work in progress.

First entry is the review of the Nine West Warehouse Sale.

Nine West is one of my favourite brand for shoes. Not so for the handbags though. So, when I got to know there will be a Warehouse Sale for this brand, I was so very excited.

The sale was at Avenue K, the building near KLCC and on top of KLCC LRT station. I went there with Cik Puan Ambang during lunch time yesterday. It was not that crowded and the selection of shoes are not so wide.

But, the prices were really cheap. At the range of 30% to 60% off from the original price. From my observation, the cheapest you shoes you can get is RM99 and the most expensive is at RM350. If you are AMEX or Maybank card holder, you will get an additional of 10% discount.

So, what did I get??

This Enzo sandal. Saw the same one at Isetan 2 months ago and the price was nearly RM400. I got it for RM99.

This black Nine West shoes, the heels are about 2 inches. Very nice and classic. I got it for RM169, original price is about RM349.

Cik Puan Ambang got herself this black Nine West Sandal at RM169, the original price is RM349.

Since Cik Puan Ambang is a Maybank card holder, we enjoyed another 10% discount.

For those who are interested to go, the sale will end on 14 December 2008...

Have fun shopping!!