Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Food Review - Buffet Ramadhan Katerina Batu Pahat

It has been a tradition for us to bring our parents for buffet Ramadhan during this fasting month. We started this about 4 years ago, considering that we are more financially secure and why not share the wealth with you loved ones.

Last weekend was with my in-laws in Batu Pahat. We brought them to Katerina Hotel(yup, the hotel where the so called ex-minister's hotel happened) since this is the only descent hotel in Batu Pahat.

They were 10 of us ; my mom and dad in-law, Adik, my brother in-law and wifey plus the 5 of us. We had pre-booked this earlier to ensure that there are table for us.

If you noticed, my princess and my baby are now into tying their hair in 2. Ini keje Adik ler nie...

The buffet spread was ok, I guess, worth the price we are paying, RM30++ per head for adult and RM20++ for the cuties. Mana nak dapat this kind of price kat KL ok??
The decorations were really classic. They even have entertainer to sing while we enjoy our meal. But the problem was, that man should be singing Raya song, not the Golden oldies hits from Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, just to name a few....Sometimes it felt like we are in a club...

They even have organised a lucky draw event. And, don't even asked whether did any of us win...Pernah ke we all nie menang lucky draw pun...

So, now, here's the review.

Taste - 3.5 -Not bad, love the spread, really kampung, siap ada ubi goreng and rebus cicah dengan sambal kicap. Of course, the asam pedas was a hit
Location - 3 - ok lah, about 30 minutes drive from the kampung
Service - 4 - excellent service, very customer service oriented
Price - 4 - with that kind of choice, I felt it was worth it...

Nak kena survey tempat lain lah, every year eating here, bosan gak kan....