Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nine West Warehouse Sale

Hi, first entry for this blog. This blog is still work in progress as I am planning to transfer the food reviews for this blog to here. Apologies on the boring layout and no fancy thingy yet. As mentioned, still work in progress.

First entry is the review of the Nine West Warehouse Sale.

Nine West is one of my favourite brand for shoes. Not so for the handbags though. So, when I got to know there will be a Warehouse Sale for this brand, I was so very excited.

The sale was at Avenue K, the building near KLCC and on top of KLCC LRT station. I went there with Cik Puan Ambang during lunch time yesterday. It was not that crowded and the selection of shoes are not so wide.

But, the prices were really cheap. At the range of 30% to 60% off from the original price. From my observation, the cheapest you shoes you can get is RM99 and the most expensive is at RM350. If you are AMEX or Maybank card holder, you will get an additional of 10% discount.

So, what did I get??

This Enzo sandal. Saw the same one at Isetan 2 months ago and the price was nearly RM400. I got it for RM99.

This black Nine West shoes, the heels are about 2 inches. Very nice and classic. I got it for RM169, original price is about RM349.

Cik Puan Ambang got herself this black Nine West Sandal at RM169, the original price is RM349.

Since Cik Puan Ambang is a Maybank card holder, we enjoyed another 10% discount.

For those who are interested to go, the sale will end on 14 December 2008...

Have fun shopping!!


faithziler said...

Oh, i likeee this blog. sungguh informatif.

Zue-rouge said...

cool sempat nk pegi nine west hari ni harus balas dendam..harap2 ada lagi yg cun ~ zura

Nurhayati said...

suka Nine West 2nd pic tu cantikkkkkkkkkkk =)