Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Food Review - Pizza San Fransisco

Friday night as usual is the eat out night and last Friday was not an exception. We wanted to go western that night and just then we thought of the pizza place at the junction of BBB going towards the Seremban highway. This place is called Pizza San Fransisco.
We noticed this place is always packed with customers and now we not why. Let me share with you our experience here.
This place is super fast and the employees here are VERY friendly, polite and courteous. I mean this and felt so welcome here. They also took the time to explain about the menu should we don't really understand. Al maklumlah, akak nie kan menu org putih kadang2 tak paham....
This is what we ordered...
The nachos
Strawberry float
Mushroom soup with garlic bread
Spaghetti bolognese - the food was really presentable, tak sempat ambik gambar, the cuties were already mixing this
The pizza
The dessert - cheese cake

The cuties had a great time, the food was excellent and awesome!
And my ratings....5 for all!!!!