Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Food Review - Swensen

Caution : Before you start scrolling down, kindly be warned this entry contained explicit pictures that may harm those who are currently fasting. Sabar yer, buka puasa still remain right after azan magrib, not zuhur.

Yesterday, my better half has a buka puasa function organised by one of his vendors. Though they allowed to bring the family, I declined the invitation, just don't want to be out of place and thinks my better half may want to be with his friends for a change. Sekali sekala takpe lah.......

However, since my better half yang tak boleh takde nasi for buka puasa was not around, I took this opportunity to bring the cuties for iftar where we can enjoy western food. It's been quite sometime since we've been to Swensen, hence Swensen it is @ Subang Parade.
The cuties looking at the menu, figuring out what to order, everything look so delicious. My hero was not feeling well, however, still want to continue with his fasting. He is very determined to puasa penuh this year.

What did we have?

BBQ Chicken Wing
Fried Mushroom

Clam Chowder

Spaghetti Bolognese
Mushroom Chicken Pizza

Chocolate Shake

And the finale, of course Earthquake!!! This is very famous in Swensen, and on Tuesdays, the price is 50% off, cause Tuesday is Earthquake Day!

Now, the review....

Taste - 4
Location - 4 - now strategic but once we moved full time, jauh ler....
Service - 4.5 - service here, memang tip top!
Price - 3 - quite reasonable

We had a great time, but it could have been greater if my better half was there :( hu hu!!!


Nurhayati said...

i kalau pegi Swensen pun semata2 nak makan Earthquake hihi