Monday, September 15, 2008

Food Review - Ziera Buffet Steamboat Bangi

We agreed that this weekend, we will eat out for Iftar. Reason ; we have many things to do and many places to go to complete the house. Where got time to cook one??

Me, being a Minah Google, was googling the interesting places that we can have our Iftar while my better half was driving around to various destination.

I found this place, Ziera Buffet Steamboat located at Sekyen 9 Bangi. We tried calling the number as per the published in the internet, however the line was busy, retried for the next 4 hours, still busy. We should have taken that as a sign not to eat there...

But, did we? Nope. We decided to go to the place and make the reservation in person. After that, we drove around again to search what other interesting place in BBB.
We went there again at 7pm and the place was already packed.

We took whatever that we want to eat and sat down while waiting for the azan maghrib.

My better half was busy heating up the soup ; by the way they have 2 choices of soup, one is chicken and the other is tom yam soup.

Overall review

Ambiance - 1 - very the hot, ventilation was very bad, I wanted to give 0 but kejam pulak kan
Taste - 2 - the tomyam was near tasteless, they also served rendang and ayam masak merah which were so masin!
Location - 3 - quite ok, but parking may be a problem
Service - 3 - not bad except for the cashier failed to calculate the total bill and the change even by using the calculator!
Price - 2 - mahal ler compared to the choices available RM22 for adult and RM13 for kids, we thought they have ice cream, rupenyer tong ice cream ade very misleading

Baik bungkus makan kat rumah, not worth it at all!