Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Food Review - Warung Dusun Sup Gear Box

We are preparing for our family vacation. We planned this since January which is something we don't usually do for vacations. Usually we would be the pack-and-go type but we thought no to risk it as the place that we planned to visit is hours away from Bangi.

So, we decided not to stock up the fridge and to cook whatever is available during the day and to eat out for dinner. We are ok with this arrangement as it is only for 2 days.

We often drove by this venue, right after the Kajang-Bangi PLUS to exit but never had the chance to really stop and try the food here. This place was also recommended by my better half's colleagues. So, we thought to give it a try last night.
What can I say, I was not dissapointed. We ordered white rice, sup gear box(the speciality here), paprik campur, ayam goreng kunyit, telur dadar and kerang rebus. My baby did not feel like having rice so she had mee hailam instead. The service was superfast! There were quite a crowd in the outlet but we waited less than 10 minutes for our food and I am not kidding nor exegerrating. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And yours truly was very surprised and was not able to hide her happiness considering she did not eat anything the whole day so that she can have a nice dinner.
The ambiance was very nice. With waterfall and everything, the cuties enjoyed it.

The main dish, Sup Gearbox. Was having trouble explaining to the cuties the gear box name origin and as usual I will just respond - Soalan tu susah lah, tanya papa jer lah.

My hero trying the straw thing which he did not enjoy at all. But for my better half, this was his favourite part. I was trying to explain to him on the calories content and cholestrol but he just ignored me and kept on sipping.
Now the review :
Taste - 3.5 - not too bad, love the soup but the paprik kureng skit. The kerang were really fresh though
Location - 3.5 - very convenient, we can choose the trunk road or the highway
Service - 4.5 - SUPERFAST and to our disbelief!! And before you ask, the food was hot and freshly cooked, I know, I can tell
Price - 4 - not bad. For all that we ordered with drinks, it costs us RM41.

So, care for Gearbox, mari ler ke Bandar Baru Bangi.


Liza said...

mama mya said...
fuyoo masuk2 pagi2 nengok sup gear box perghhh wat saya kelaparan huhuhu.. cam nak terus pi ke bandar baru bangi nih huhuhu

18 March, 2009 08:38

adenium said...
wahh... bersungguh2 betul si hero menyedut ye..heheh

18 March, 2009 09:37

ayusolo said...
saya pernah mkn dkt situ...syedappp...:)

18 March, 2009 10:55

Nurhayati said...
wah sup Gearbox tu wat terliur sudah.. camne saya nak diet ni..asik tgk makanan sedap2 je hihihi ;P

18 March, 2009 11:52

*ayu* said...
ni dekat ngan RHB ke tak ek kak? x familiar lah area tu.. isk!

18 March, 2009 13:50

Gina said...
Aduh Liza...
Sedapnya dapat makan sup panas-panas di kala sejuk-sejuk nie.
Dulu I pernah keje kat Bangi, mmg tempat makan die sedap-sedap tau. We all selalu makan kat PKNS...tak ingatlah nama tempat tu, mmg sedap

18 March, 2009 18:36

Anonymous said...

kene reserve tempat dl kalo tak tak dpt gearbox..sapa tau ni phone die ek?lupe nak salin ritu

Afifah said...

tumpang tanya, kedai ni buka siang x?