Friday, March 6, 2009

Food Review - Haji Rony Tomyam

As usual, Friday nite is the eating out nite for our family. I wanted to blog about this earlier but forgotlah! Last Friday we had our dinner at Haji Rony Tomyam & Seafood.

Sorry the picture is not so clear. I forgot to bring my camera so was using my better half's mobile to take the photo

This place was introduced by my former boss and we have been frequenting it since then. It's located at Jln Kuchai Lama right after the exit of NPE. It's just next to the old Pondok Polis Kuchai Lama. There are many stalls there but this one located right at the corner.

The speciality of this place is the ikan siakap masak stim. I don't usually eat steam fish cause takut rasa hanyir. But, here it's different. The steam fish is so nice and the gravy is simply awesome.

We will also add on sotong goreng tepung, tomyam and telur dadar. That's the usual.
The price is very affordable. For all that we ordered plus the large glass of fruit juice, it costs us RM42. Not bad for KL area.

Now the review
Taste - 3.5 - for this visit but usually the taste deserves 5 points, tukang masak tak sihat kot
Location - 4 - quite convenient for us now as we will go through this road to go back to BSP
Service - 4 - fast and courteous
Price - 4.5 - very affordable...mmg murah

And before you ask....No, I don't know who is Haji Rony :)


Liza said...

atty's said...
ok ar harga dia ye liza..

06 March, 2009 20:03

lil^RED799 said...
nama die...sket punye mengancam!