Monday, August 11, 2008

Food Review - SS19 Subang Jaya

Like every other day, I had a late night again on Friday. Too much work, so little little time with the family, Alhamdulilah I managed to make this weekend a work free weekend. I did not bring any work home, like the previous weeks...Sometimes we just have to prioritize kan.....
I called my better half, who promised to come and pick me up that night...I asked him whether it would be ok for him to bring the cuties along when he comes and pick me up, thought of having dinner together.

I was craving for sate but due to health reason, I can't take any meat for a week. We headed to this favourite fast food place at SS19 Subang Jaya. We frequented this place even before I got married.

I had mushroom soup with garlic bread
My hero had sate and nasi goreng - I know I said I wanted sate but it's ok, Iman akak nie kuat ok!My better half, nama pun perut melayu, of course rice with paprik campur and telur dadar
My princess and my baby shared the chicken chop, the portion here is big, makan sorang tak habis.

Our drinks, fruit juices and the rest....
Not forgetting, the ever food review..
Ambiance - 3
Taste - 4
Location - 3
Service - 4 - we're a regular so selalu dapat first class treatment
Price - 4

But the time spent with the cuties....priceless!!!!!!