Thursday, August 21, 2008

Food Review - Nik Ikan Bakar Cameron Highlands

Mama, apasal ikan abang tak sampai nie, nasi abang dah nak habis....
Mama, nasi kakak dah habis, mana ikan bawal sweet and sour??
Those were the grouses heard from the cuties. We were starving and wanted to have a good dinner at Brinchang, so we chose this place, Nik Ikan Bakar & Tomyam.

Man, was I dissapointed?

Not only the service was slow, they mixed up our our order by sending our fish to the other table and we had to wait further for them to prepare another one. And muka masing2, like we were there to menyusahkan hidup diaorang.

I was trying to control everyone especially my better half, who is not a very patient man when it comes to food.

On similar note, can some one please please please tell me, why do most(not all) malay business owner, be it food place owner ke, kedai runcit ke, or whatever business have problem to smile and be courteous. Don't they know every person that walks in, is rezeki to them. Tak bersyukur langsung. Macam mana nak tolong orang melayu. If you go to most(again, not all) chinese shop, they will treat you like a king!! That's how it should be....

My review, just as simple as this....avoid this place, even if it's the only place open in this area.
Makan biskut lagi best and tak menyakitkan hati. On top of that mahal giler....