Monday, August 4, 2008

Food Review - Tamarind Hills

I was invited to attend a farewell event by one of our consultant who over the period I took care of GREEN, became my friends. And how sad, I have to bid farewell to one of them...Ms Af.
The venue that was chosen was Tamarind Hills near KDE, Ampang. Never been there and I am not familiar with that area at all! Fyi, this place serves Indo-China food.
The place was very cozy and full of trees, so it was pretty refreshing, not to mention cool!

I don't like ordering considering I've never been here, and I am not the one paying so better let the ordering done by the expert.
The appetizer, duck in spoon...complimentary. Since I don't eat duck, I gave this a pass. Lain kali nak bagik benda free, can we have chicken please?

Then followed by this platter consists of all types of snacks - I only took the one in the tomato i.e. with something like chicken curry inside.

Followed by the main courses, we have fish, chicken, beef and soft shell crabs. Not forgetting the vege, asparagus and tom yam.

If we attend an event with Mr Har, speech is a must! This time around, Mrs Green gave one of behalf of me and Mr Creative. Thank God! I think after this long 2 months, I am done with giving speeches!

Lastly, the ratings.......
Ambiance - 4
Taste - 1.5 (no offence, this is just not my kind of food)
Location - 3
Service - 3(though some of the waiter were not able to converse using proper English, they were polite)
Price - from the menu, it was quite ok

Let see where will my next review be.......