Thursday, October 9, 2008

Food Review - Sari Ratu Nasi Padang

I was fasting on Tuesday, and wanted so badly to have Nasi Padang from Sari Ratu. We planned to have this during Ramadhan for buka puasa but the day we made the arrangements, the traffic was so bad and we ended up have the ala Ratu Buka Puasa in the car instead.I have been receiving good reviews from friends who have eaten here so I wanted to give it a try. This particular branch is in Kelana Jaya.

We ordered quite a feast(the cuties did not join us, just me and my better half). We ordered Ayam Pop - short form of Ayam Popular and this came with a special sauce and pucuk ubi rebus, Gulai Tunjang - my better half's favourite, vege, crispy spicy potato and this special dish which came from Indonesia like a mini eel crispy fried and cooked with chilli. Of course, this will not be complete with the sambal merah.
The gulai tunjang, the spine of a cow and my better half's favourite. Not my kind of food so I just had the gravy.
The mini eel crispy fried, recommended as a must try at this place.
Here's the review....
Taste - 2.5 - not too bad, but not to my liking
Location - 3.5 - convinient and parking is very easy
Service - 2 - lembab skit ler
Price - 3.5 - ok, quite affordable

Maybe I'm not so into this Nasi Padang thing...sebab tu ler tak enjoy sangat kot?