Thursday, August 6, 2009

Food Review - Roma Pizza

I am not a pizza person. The overswhelming taste of cheese sometimes make me dizzy and high. Hence, I would usually avoid having pizza especially those with cheese. However, this time around I made it an exception since I am having lunch with someone whom I hardly meet nowadays due to work commitment. Sorry Fadzillah, sibuk skit lah sekarang.
Hence, I wanted to eat at somewhere is not that crowded and where we can talk and do some catching up. I suggested this place located in Avenue K called Roma Pizza.
Roma Pizza is a small outlet but the ambiance is very nice and comfy. Not too many tables located in the pizza place and they have more outside the place. They also have this bar stool like table which create a casual scenario.
What special about this place is the pizza is served on a plank. Very unique which you don't really find in other pizza place. Other places usually served on a pizza pan - biasa je lah.
I love the BBQ Chicken Wing here. The dip is also nice, the normal chilli sauce with added spices and herbs. Awesome!
Ambiance - 3.5 - love how they decorate this place, very suitable if you are having lunch with friends
Location - 3 - Strategic!! Just next to KLCC LRT station.
Taste - 3.5 - prefer the pizza here, very crispy and
Service - 2.5 - lembab skit ler, pastu mcm tak pay attention jer....
Price - 3.0 - for this kind of food, I don't mind paying....
Try this place. You won't regret it!!!


tunbegia said...

hari hari haku limpas sinih, tp x pernah singgah,


Jard The Great said...

dang.. terliur tinguk pizza tuuu