Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Food Review - Harrods KLCC

I always love Harrods. Back when I was younger and still enjoying my dad's entitlement working with MAS, we went to London quite frequent. Apart from visiting Asda, Queen Anne and other locations, Harrods was another venue which is a must to visit.

So, when I heard Harrods KLCC is opening, I was very excited. I miss all the trips we used to have and having to have one store which I adore right beneath where I work is something I really look forward to.
However, I was quite dissapointed. The variety of products were very limited and it looked like a bakery rather than a real Harrods. What do I expect? If I want a real Harrods, it should be as big as Suria KLCC kan?

Anyway, one day we went to have our lunch there. Never felt so English before. Again, the menu was very limited and not really suit the Asian taste. I guess they really bringing the authentic Harrods to Malaysia.

I had the roaster chicken while a friend of mine had this beef steak with this custard thingy, entah apa namanyer, forgot lah.

The review :

Ambiance - 3 - not too bad, overlooking the KLCC water fountain
Location - 3 - If I am already in KLCC, convenient lah.

Taste - 2.5 - dasar perut melayu so not really to my liking
Service - 3 - very polite and courteous, however, the food was a bit slow and I was really starving!
Price - 2.0 - mahal siut. Meals for 3 person was RM160!

I will only come here again if someone else is paying. Otherwise, makan kat food court jer ler.