Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food Review - Warung Kak Aishah, Bandar Baru Nilai

We have ran out of ideas on what to eat. We had tried practically most of the outlets in BSP and don't feel like driving to BBB.
My better half just drove around Bandar Baru Nilai in search of food. We were starving, the clock showed 3.15pm and we have yet to have our lunch.
Then, while driving to Desa Melati(yer kot, forget2 remember lah!), we came across this place called Warung Kak Aishah. We saw quite a big crowd here, and assuming the food must be good since many people were enjoying their food.
My hero and princess ordered Laksa. Sedap!!!
My better half and my baby had Nasi Ayam. Biasalah, perut melayu, tak dapat nasi tak sah.
While I ordered Kuey Teoe Goreng and requested for this to be extra spicy.
We also ordered ABC, suitable for the hot weather.
If you noticed, my hero ordered Laksa kan but now he is eating Kuey Teow. After he finished his laksa he tried my Kuey Teow and love it! So, he ordered another one.
So, the review :
Ambiance - 3 - oklah, just like the typical gerai place
Location - 3 - Along the shoplots so quite convenient. Parking will not be a problem.
Taste - 3.5 - excellent, memang sedap giler!!
Service - 3.5 - excellent! fast and sopan sungguh
Price - 3.0 - not bad. for this good food, very affordable.
Will surely make another trip to this place again. The kuey teow goreng is to die for!!!


iNa said...

salam liza

i tgk deretan kedai tu mcm kt desa cempaka je.
there's another kedai kt BBN area KFC/Pizza Hut/Secret Recipe, ada 1 kedai kelantan. They serve kelantanese food for bfast, then tghari ada nasi campur. Murah compared to other places.

Nurhayati said...

aduhai tgk abc tu terliur dah.. tapi jauhnye kat Nilai tu huhuhuhu