Thursday, May 21, 2009

Food Review - De Palma Cafe

Why were the cuties looking so restless. Did Liza wrongly put the title for this entry...Isn't it supposed to be the food review entry...
Well, this was our wedding anniversary dinner. Not really planned cause we thought to have a simple affair this year. Just dinner and presents were not made mandatory (though my better half cheated by getting me a very nice name card holder and he argued because he thought I need that for my job, ye lah bang!). We don't have a good idea where the dinner should be. Then, I remembered while driving around BBB, I saw this De Palma Cafe located in the PKNS building. If I'm not mistaken, this is part of the De Palma Hotel management.
We arrived there around 8.05pm. There were not many people around which we were so glad thinking we will not have to wait so long for the food. How wrong was thought.
Baby had mushroom soup which arrived 30 minutes after we ordered. And that my friend, is only mushroom soup.
My hero ordered buttered chicken rice and came 15 minutes after baby's order. He was starving and immediately digged in the food. He did not talk to anyone while eating, pandang kiri kanan pun tak. That's how hungry he was. Similar to my princess who ordered Chinese Fried Rice. Sampai tak sempat ambik gambar the food dah habis.

I ordered this sour sop juice and rib eye steak. Arrived over an hour after ordering. My appetite has been spoilt so did not actually enjoy the food.

And why no food for my better half? Well, he did order the ribs which did not arrive even after all of us finished our food. So, he went to the counter and calmly told the waitress to cancel the order, went on to pay for the food and we left after that.

I know him and if it's not our anniversary dinner, he would have gone beserk there and then.
The review? Tak payahlah, not worth reviewing food, tak kiralah the quality of food, and the you wait forever waiting period.


Liza said...

nae said...
I tried the place once. Ordered ubi kayu rebus, of all thing. Not too bad...just not good enough to bring me back there.

21 May, 2009 09:20

atty's said...
liza..sorry lambat nak wish..happy belated wedding anniversary..
semoga perkhawinan liza bahagia selamanya dan dimurahkan rezeki..amin

21 May, 2009 16:41

Liza said...
nae - yup, spot on. i think the wait spoilt everything

atty - thanks atty, hope to see you soon!

22 May, 2009 21:29