Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food Review - D Asria Garden Cafe

Yet another food review....

As usual, Friday nite is the eating out nite. And usually we will choose new venues for this occassion.

This time around we had dinner at this place in Bangi Lama called D Asria Garden Cafe. We drove by this place a couple of times but did not really stop to try the food there. One reason, this place only opens 4pm to midnite and we usually drove by this place during the day.
We ordered quite a number of dish. Siakap Masak Cili, Tomyam Campur, Paprik Campur, Sotong Goreng Tepung and Telur Dadar. Not to forget, Kerang Rebus.
This place offers quite an extensive menu selection. Not only the Thai food menu, there's also Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung, Nasi Bubur and many more.

Now the review :

Ambiance - 3 - nice and cosy, they have this man made waterfall which I find blends well with this place
Taste - 2 - quite dissapointing. The tomyam was too sour and the fish was not fresh. You can really feel the taste of fish just left the freezer
Location - 3 - ok, just about 15 minutes drive from our home. But, need to really look cause the road there is quite narrow
Service - 3.5- excellent service, fast and courteous. If only this was complimented with good food
Price - 3 - considering the food was not that good, I find the price was really on the high side.

Overall, I don't think we are coming back here. Not worth the money lah.