Saturday, January 3, 2009

Food Review - Umbai Seafood Galore @ Melaka

The moment we have been waiting for...Okaylah, at least, the moment I have been waiting for. The main reason why we decided to be in Melaka. Of course, to have a seafood fiesta at Umbai. Very famous and well know for the fresh and delicious seafood.

We left after maghrib prayers and the place was already jam packed. We felt it's gonna be difficult to get a parking space so we parked quite a distance from the makan area, in front of the nearby houses. It was about less than 10 minutes walk to the place.

We were recommended to visit the first stall called D Muara. We managed to get a place to sit and when my better half and I wanted to choose what fishes and seafood to have, we were denied from our right to order(haiyoo, why sound so serious), apparently the kitchen couldn't cope with the current orders. So, we decided to change to another restaurant, and the only place that have table for us was at the last stall, called Parameswara.

We ordered butter prawn, lala masak pedas, sotong goreng tepung, ikan jenahak bakar, sup cendawan and of course eaten with of course nasi lemak! When all the food arrived, we thought...banyak giler! Sapa nak makan nie...

Actually, the food was finished selicin-licinnyer...Yup, I forego my diet for this one night. Seminggu sekali takpe, make sure buat heavy work out tomorrow to burn all those calories.The total bill was only RM100. That was below than what we expected. Now the review :

Taste - 4 - really sedap! We were afraid we will be dissapointed since we did not eat at the recommended stalls but we were so please with the food! Hingga menjilat jari!
Location - 3.5 - Ok, if you are already in Melaka, I admire those those who are willing to drive for good food, wish I have the guts to do that. And this place that we ate, it was facing the river so the breeze was really nice
Service - 4- fast even there were many customers around
Price - 4 - cheap, we thought it will come to at least RM200....

What I learnt today?

It was a good thing we have this family bonding thingy before we start with a New Year where life will be back to the normal hecticness. And wanting to ensure I keep one of my New Year resolution, I have started to make early planning of the holidays in 2009. Again, work just need to stop when it's time to be with family!


Liza said...

mama mya said...
fuyoo bestnye bercuti.. makan pun sodap.. murah lak tue.. insyaallah saya pun nak pi melaka cuti raya cina nanti coz nak pi umah adik..

re = muara ikan bakar @ tg harapan tue kalau weekend or cuti umum memang penuh org nak nunggu makan pun lama

04 January, 2009 10:12

atty's said...
dekat sgt ngn umah mil..

04 January, 2009 10:44

Liza said...
mamamya - mesti singgah makan kat sini tau kalau gi melaka

atty - wah, bestnyer, mesti atty slalu makan kat sini

04 January, 2009 13:41

adenium said...
nih yang tak sanggup nak tgk kak liza.... laparrrrrr

04 January, 2009 15:47

Mamamarina said...
yosh.. been to Parameswara too.. mmg sedap.. cepat n murah kan?

05 January, 2009 14:13