Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food Review - Warung Kak Aishah, Bandar Baru Nilai

We have ran out of ideas on what to eat. We had tried practically most of the outlets in BSP and don't feel like driving to BBB.
My better half just drove around Bandar Baru Nilai in search of food. We were starving, the clock showed 3.15pm and we have yet to have our lunch.
Then, while driving to Desa Melati(yer kot, forget2 remember lah!), we came across this place called Warung Kak Aishah. We saw quite a big crowd here, and assuming the food must be good since many people were enjoying their food.
My hero and princess ordered Laksa. Sedap!!!
My better half and my baby had Nasi Ayam. Biasalah, perut melayu, tak dapat nasi tak sah.
While I ordered Kuey Teoe Goreng and requested for this to be extra spicy.
We also ordered ABC, suitable for the hot weather.
If you noticed, my hero ordered Laksa kan but now he is eating Kuey Teow. After he finished his laksa he tried my Kuey Teow and love it! So, he ordered another one.
So, the review :
Ambiance - 3 - oklah, just like the typical gerai place
Location - 3 - Along the shoplots so quite convenient. Parking will not be a problem.
Taste - 3.5 - excellent, memang sedap giler!!
Service - 3.5 - excellent! fast and sopan sungguh
Price - 3.0 - not bad. for this good food, very affordable.
Will surely make another trip to this place again. The kuey teow goreng is to die for!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food Review - Breakfast @ Bangi Lama

We(ok lah, I didn’t, only my better half and the cuties went as I have my own gotong royong at home which is more important!) attended this gotong royong organized by the resident of our neighbourhood. This event was officiated by the Adun of our area. It started very early, around 7am. Sape lah yg bangun tidur pukul 7am on a weekend kan? Well, not me! I will always go back to sleep after solat subuh.

They went to the gotong royong around 8.30am which was a good thing cause the gotong royong only started around that time. Kalau sampai awal, jenuh ler nak tunggu.

The gotong royong ended around 10 and coincidently, my gotong royong at home ended around that time. So, it’s time for breakfast and we made our way to Bangi Lama since I need to send my pants for alteration(best giler sluar slack smua dah longgar so kena kecikan). We saw this Nasi Lemak Stall right at the smack of Bangi Lama. And no name was indicated in front of this stall so takde ler teman tau apa namanyer.
They also served Lontong and Soto but all were sold out by the time we arrived. Tinggalah nasi lemak but the variety of lauk for the nasi lemak is still very wide.
Each of us had different type of lauk : I had Hati Ayam, my better half telur goring with sambal kerang, my princess sambal udang, my hero ayam goreng and my baby sambal sotong.

Here’s the review :
Ambiance - 3 - love it, really like the gerai environment
Location - 3 - very convenient to where we live, about 5 minutes drive but parking may be a problem
Taste - 3.5 - sedap, nasi and the sambal was a fab!
Service - 3.5 - very polite and courteous
Price - 4 - I have to give a four, you know why, with all the above plus drinks, we only paid RM12.50. Murah sungguh ke salah kira!
Love this place and will surely come again. Perhaps a little bit earlier next time so we can taste the lontong.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Food Review - Teh Tarik Place

We were so tired after visiting this sale that we need to stop and have a drink for awhile before we continue our journey to visit this.

We don't really know where to eat. Food at The Curve is not that enticing to us. So, we walked further and we came across this place called Teh Tarik Place.
The place was quite pack with people which can mean few things ; the food is good, the food is cheap or people just sat there cause there are many people who sat there i.e. going where the crowd goes.

So, we ordered variety of food in the menu. Of course, Teh Tarik, otherwise what's the point eating at a Teh Tarik Place.
Nasi Goreng with Telur Mata.
Nasi Lemak Sotong
Kuey Teow Goreng
Mee Hoon Goreng
Sup Kambing
The service was quite frustrating aka lembab!!!! We wanted to order air kosong cause the cuties drink was finished while waiting for the food to arrive and that itself took about 10 minutes. And to make matter worse, due to communication barrier, we ordered one thing and they sent something else. Tension betul!!!
Now the review.
Ambiance - 2.5 - quite hot, dah ler service lembab so makin hot.
Location - 2.5 - The Curve is ok but the place is quite secluded. If you don't walk around you may not encounter this place
Taste - 3 - oklah, like typical mamak shop, the teh tarik was nice though
Service - 0.5 - this is me being kind! If me being honest, they deserve negative points.
Price - 2.0 - dah le lembab, mahal pulak tu.
So, there you have it, my take of this place. Remember you merchandiser out there, no matter how good your food may be if the service is lembab, no pointlah brother!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Warehouse Sale Review - Esprit Clearance

I was tired after all the walking but the moment I saw this signage, the energy started to pump in. And I was already in the mood again for shopping!!!
There are alot of stuff on sale that day. And since it was the first day of the sale, they gave 25% discount for all things were on sale.
I saw many things I like but just couldn't fit into. T-shirts normally sold at the range of RM90 to RM150 were sold for RM19.90 and after the 25% discount, the price was RM14.93.

Jeans were also available but again, the issue was with the size. There were also coats and shorts...

Despite all the limited choices due to the hugeness of my body, I only managed to get this pair of jeans. And I felt good about it cause I have dropped 3 jeans sizes!! That's a great accomplishment.
So, hurry on to the sale. This will end this Sunday, 14 June 2009. But, too bad, no 25% discount!

Have a good weekend!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Warehouse Sale Review - Living Quarters

I know some of you are waiting for this review so, let's just get straight to the point.

We arrived this location around noon and the crowd was not that large. Parking will not be an issue at all as the location Stadium Melawati Shah Alam has ample parking space. For those who don't know where this place is, it's near the big stadium where the football match are usually held.
Amboi my better half, laju dia jalan menonong, sape yg excited nak pegi sale nie?
Below is the opening hours. The sale started on Wednesday(10 June) and ending this Friday (14 June).

When we arrived, they just started the Happy Hour where the price was marked down further from the already discounted price.

The place was big and huge, most importantly fully air conditioned, hence it was very comfortable to shop. I think they learnt from the past warehouse sale they organised. They change the methods, when we want to purchase something, we were given the sale voucher and once payment is made, then we can collect the items. This is very convenient as we don't have to carry all the stuff around and it also causes no long que to pay as no packing of the stuff purchased required. Sorry, no photo in the stadium, was busy shopping!

Outside the venue, there were a lot of stalls where we can eat after all the shopping. We choose not to eat here as we have another destination to go after this.

What we purchased?

This 2 comforter set ; the brown one was purchased during the Happy Hour, original price RM700, original discounted price RM250, further marked down to RM150. This will be for our bedroom. We also got a free pillow somemore! The purple one, after 70% discount, RM89. This will be for the guest room.

This bathroom set at RM8.95 per set. Original price was RM25. We got 3 of this.

Table cloth, the big one original price RM129, after 70% discount RM35. The other one, RM19.90, after 70% discount RM6.

This shampoo and hair mask with body scrub all made from natural ingredients selling at RM5 each. Shampoo for the cuties, RM12 each. Besar gedabak, should last for more than 6 months.

And for purchases above RM300, will entitle you to participate in the lucky dip with quite attractive prizes. The winners are notified daily by phone calls and prizes need to be collected the next day, and guess what, we won! Will blog the prize we won after collecting it.
For those who loves pinggan mangkuk, cuttleries and other related items from major brand including Queen Anne, this is a sale you don't want to miss! I did not purchase any of that cause I am not into that kind of stuff.

Hurry on to Stadium Melawati....A sale you don't want to miss!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Food Review - Delicious Cafe, Jalan Pinang

One of my workmate just got promoted and she had booked our time to give us a treat over lunch at this place near KLCC called Delicious Cafe. The exact location is below the MARC apartment at Jalan Pinang. (picture courtesy of googleimage)

I wasn't sure whether I could make it as I was tied up with another engagement however, since Salwa really wanted for us to be there, I still proceed to the venue and was the last one to arrive.

Maryam was kind enough to pre-order for me, I just told her order me anything which resembles beef steak and she choose this dish which was delicious!

They also served this appertizer some sort like cracker dipped in this patte made from liver. I tried it once and did not really enjoyed it. For the second try, I had only the cracker.

The girls ordered 2 type of dessert, one this chocolate brownie with ice cream on top and another one is the bread pudding. They said it's delicious!
Now the review...

Ambiance - 3 -oklah, the typical cafe environment, like Dome, Starbuck etc....
Taste - 2.5 - Only the steak caught my attention. The rest, so and so lah
Location - 3 - high traffic area and walking from KLCC is not that far but when you combined hot weather and walking, what is near seems to be very far
Service - 2.5 - when I wanted to order drinks, the first 4 choices I made were not available. So, I had to ask them, what do they have, and end up ordering Coke.
Price - 2.5 - took a peak at the bill and quite pricey.

Despite the good food which I was told off, I think this place is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, thanks Salwa for the treat!

Food Review - Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung Bandar Baru Bangi

Last night, I was so exhausted coming back from work that this was written all over my face. I was also thinking what should I cook for the cuties and would prefer to just prepare simple dish since I was not really in the mood to cook.
Seeing this, my better half suggested for us to eat out instead. Usually, I am against the idea of eating out except for our usual Friday night happy hour. But, I know I have very limited energy that night, and thinking I have to fold the clothes as well, I accept his idea.
Next predicament, where to eat...We drove around BBB and came across this place near the Tasik Cempaka, BBB called Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung. The ambiance is interesting, exactly next to the lake.
I know I am supposed to be on diet but I did not have any food during the day except for a very light breakfast so I thought I can have a plate of Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung(nie kira statement penyedap hati, padahal, no rice langsung sepatutnyer)
My better half and my princess had the same dish I ordered while my hero ordered a plate of spaghetti bolognese. My baby, who just had an early dinner at my mom's place, settled for a Pau Kaya.
Now the review :
Ambiance - 3 -Love it at first until the mosquitoes there start assaulting my feet.
Taste - 3.5 - The sambal was awesome. The rice was ok and the ayam kampung was cooked to perfection, not too crispy and not too soggy, just right
Location - 3 - great location, right in the middle of BBB
Service - 3.5 - fast and courteous.
Price - 3 - reasonable, we felt that it's the right price to charge
To those who live in BBB area, why don't give this place a try. They have variety of menu from Nasi Lemak to Western food. They also serve Char Kuey Teow but the time we went, that stall was closed. Children would love it there, but careful. Jangan bagi anak2 terjun tasik dah ler...
Selamat Menjamu Selera!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Food Review - Nasi Beriani Gam Putrajaya

Last Saturday, we wanted to watch the Dragon Boat race and exhibition in Putrajaya. We thought this will happen until night time however by the time we reach there around 6.30pm, all stalls have started packing and ready to go home. I guess we were too late and actually the event ended at 5pm. We told the cuties we will come here again.
My baby was already hungry and I don't feel like going to Alamanda. Bosan ler pulak every weekend we have been coming to Alamanda.

I suggested to my better half, why don't we take the cuties to Nasi Beriani Gam Putrajaya. We've been there once and that was without the cuties. Since it's not that far to drive, we made our way to that direction.
We ordered Nasi Beriani Gam Ayam for the girls while my better half and hero wanted the mutton beriani. My baby actually wanted Ayam Masak Merah but it was all sold out. So, she settled for Ayam Masak Beriani instead.
Here's the review :
Ambiance - 2.5 - It's like a typical stalls so nothing to shout about.

Taste - 2 - For this trip, quite dissapointing. The first trip was much better. This time the gravy tasted a bit bitter, like the spices were too much.

Location - 3 - at that time quite strategic, but parking maybe a problem

Service - 3- not bad and quite fast

Price - 2.5 - On the high side. The beriani ayam costs us RM11 each while the mutton RM13 each.

I don't think we will come here again. Don't want to be dissapointed again